The Instrument Update


The new instrument update is a fact.
Check out the devblog
We will run a server update as soon as possible.

  • Added Instrument DLC
  • You can now see your body when you look down
  • Added admin.killplayer <playername>
  • Added admintime – which allows an admin to change their local time
  • Replaced admin.mutevoice/admin.mutechat with admin.mute (mutes both)
  • Can also mute sleeping players
  • Added admin.mutelist
  • Can call combatlog command from rcon/console
  • Added camzoomspeed and camlookspeed for debug camera (cinematography)
  • Added world grid / world streaming (load time, memory and performance optimization)
  • Global chat can now be disabled using the muteglobal convar, or in the interface options. This allows you to disable global chat but keep team chat and server messages
  • Added a “Copy Text” chat popup menu item, which will copy the selected message and username to your clipboard
  • Reduced seeded player scale differences to make things fairer
  • Dedicated server startup is less spammy
  • Fixed scrap transport helicopter exploit
  • Fixed deployable placement exploit / hack
  • Fixed rare case when entity could remain parented after leaving parenting trigger
  • Fixed rare server error after entity left parenting trigger
  • Fixed rare error when canceling loading mid world transfer
  • Fixed several sign exploits / hacks
  • Fixed several weapon exploits / hacks
  • Fixed a crash when players with their OS set to certain languages receive a team invite
  • Fixed items with very long names being truncated incorrectly and looking rubbish
  • Fixed supply signal visual effect not always displaying correctly
  • Ground footstep sound effects no longer play when scuba diving and walking on sea bed
  • Players can no longer access Christmas tree items in building blocked areas (no more stealing)
  • Fixed the team UI showing the original (non-streamer mode) player name when receiving a team invite. Same for the chat notification
  • Fixed glass of ignited lanterns invisible when viewed through reinforced glass windows
  • Fixed footsteps missing / stop when the player is culled
  • Fixed see through water when jumping / alt look while on a boat
  • Fixed wrecked sedan and warehouse instances on HapisIsland
  • Fixed pink military tunnel materials on HapisIsland
  • Fixed lighting issues with some semi-transparent models under fluorescent bulbs
  • Load times should be much improved for non SSD users
  • Dedicated server output messages are formatted differently
  • Server sends a chat message when a user is banned due to anti-cheat
  • Reduced chance of tree marker jumping to other side of tree after being hit
  • Bumped immediate network visibility distance to 128m (from 64m) to give more notice for SAM sites
  • Optimized player hair mesh memory and dressing performance
  • Optimized monument mesh memory
  • Added more textures to streaming pool
  • Can no longer order servers by wipe date due to abuse by server owners