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Stratford Police unit. [SPU] - Tnecniv - 08-10-2019

[Image: 2A2FD1274486910027243C14F7EC30B3C463033E]
Welcome to SPU (stratford police unit)
We are looking for civilians that are interested to join our police unit.
If you want to join our unit consider to write a message down below.
And state the reason why you want to join.

If you will be accepted you will join us in our mission to protect bases from other players.
Fight the zombie's in our city. and jail those pesky bandits.
We also look out for Vehicle thiefs and grievers.
We invite you to join SPU's steam chat group. to talk about our missions
Your salary will be 350 ,-

Some rules:
You may not raid.
You may not kill Civilians. Unless they pose a threat.
these rules may be updated whenever we want. so please consider to check back on them when visiting the group post.

RE: Stratford Police unit. [SPU] - Theataker - 08-10-2019


RE: Stratford Police unit. [SPU] - Tnecniv - 08-10-2019

146 dateline=undefined' Wrote: I WANT TO JOIN
Let me contact you on steam

RE: Stratford Police unit. [SPU] - Bob - 08-11-2019

Hey I want to join!

We need some justice again random killing.

RE: Stratford Police unit. [SPU] - Dreamer - 08-15-2019

i want be a police