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New Server At UnTurned Free To Play - GizemliQ - 07-14-2019

Hello everyone, from couples of days we have published our new server in unturned >>> Don't Forget to be there feel free 

Server Ip ◄

► Game Link ◄

Our Map ► [Image: 5F195E8C16586E3E705107BF0A7A804DEE3D725C]

You Could Check your Border of your home ► 

[Image: 3D3A2875A1DA3C35A12535C5F17C2C0219D05067]
►► Fight Those Zombies and teach them some lessons 
[Image: 6BA26337B6E33AE15B08D5912562A6F6805F9877]
Customize your Char and Collect items from the zombies Big Grin and also Places 
[Image: D2AC66DD3A930E3C619D4655A98132613D390224]

Show us your Design ►►► Imagination Works 
[Image: 6D1D7FA8F345A26E14627E2809D10A78231A92D5]
Show us your Char In The comments and don't forget to ask us any Questions ►►►

[Image: DB451AFEB67FDB10D33EEE0EF666F4F4AECB161A]

Feel Free To Join Us