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Monthly Code(money) #1 - Tnecniv - 07-23-2019

The first monthly code for our unturned server,
it will provide you with 5000 in game credits.
There are only 6 codes so be sure to be the first ones to use this code.
Also make sure to check out our discord for more random codes for vehicles and money.
or /redeem 5T3PKKNUSGP

RE: Monthly Code(money) #1 - Fl3x4 - 07-23-2019

I and a friend of mine took one already Smile

RE: Monthly Code(money) #1 - GizemliQ - 07-23-2019

If i got it ... im going to use it ?

RE: Monthly Code(money) #1 - Tnecniv - 07-24-2019

(07-23-2019, 09:14 PM)GizemliQ Wrote:  If i got it ... im going to use it ?

Broken english ? If you have it. you are going to use it ?
What does this mean xD.
Anyways this code has been used 5x times by players by now.
It is not valid anymore.
But since we are starting i'll add 5 more.