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[Application/Minecraft] 13-may-2k19
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Application has been updated.
- We have removed the autostart of the chat, and given it a place in the menu.
- We boosted the xp for being online.
- sizeable chat.

- Updated several plugins.
- Added a economy.
- Added a tax system Big Grin
- Added a shop.
- Tweaked flying enchantment.
- Added Zombie pigman knights under the spawn.
- Added a new spawn.
- re-added some features from the nether. (zombiepigmans)

We have seen an increase in players. although they don't know how to login (stuck on frozen) xD
Players who really want to play normally will figure out how to play with us.
We do not like grievers, trolls, and cheaters.
And we will not allow them in.

Give back the mc server

-Have no fair Pl1xusz is here Tongue

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